New Polymer Clay from the Manufacturers!

There are new polymer clay colors and varieties from the manufacturers! First I’ll talk about the new products from Sculpey Polyform, and then about a new type of clay from Fimo. (You’re going to love Fimo Leather.)

Sculpey’s New Products

I bought all the new Sculpey colors myself and the next day I got a package from Sculpey that I didn’t know was coming. You see, I’m not connected with Sculpey (I’m totally independent), but manufacturers do sometimes send things for me to take a look at.

So I was thrilled to receive the new products that Sculpey Polyform have just released. Every spring, they release a few items, but it’s rare for them to put out so many at once. Here’s what’s new:

  • 3 colors of Sculpey III – Teal, Navy Pearl, and Poppy
  • 3 colors of Premo – Navy, Slate, and Poppy
  • 5 colors of Souffle – Grape, Shamrock, Cornflower, Mandarin, and Raspberry
  • Hexagon and Triangle Mosaic Cutters
  • 2 sets of three liquid clay specialty colors (Primary and Glam Metallic)
  • Silkscreen packs – Nature and Floral
  • Solid oven bake clay softener

here are the new products from Sculpey Polyform.

I’m also told there will be a second wave of new products coming out a little bit later. (I think there’s a new lace mold coming, but that’s all I know so far.) I’m sure I’ll have a chance to explain more about the other products, but I wanted to talk about the new polymer clay colors.

Description of New Colors

These new colors all seem to hold their color well with minimal darkening after baking.

Sculpey III

  • Poppy – A bright and saturated, true red-orange color. It doesn’t have the pinkish tinge and is far more saturated than the color of field poppies, and it’s a bit redder than bright orange Oriental poppies.
  • Navy Pearl – The only pearl color added this year, this isn’t really all that navy colored. The mica flakes lighten the appearance considerably so this comes across as more like a steel blue but with quite a bit of green in it.
  • Teal – This is a bit brighter than the color I call teal, but it’s not light enough to be turquoise. It’s not blue and it’s not green, but it’s certainly more leaning toward green.

Here are the new Sculpey III colors of polymer clay for spring 2019.


    • Navy – I love this one. It’s a nice, dark, blue that leans a bit toward red. It’s not dark like a man’s navy blue suit. It’s very much like a little boy’s sailor suit type of navy.
    • Slate – You will use this color a lot. It’s a neutral gray. Just neutral. Just gray. Plain. Very middle of the road, but clean, if that makes sense. Use this when black is too much.
    • Cayenne – A dark warm red that leans orange.

Here are the new Premo colors of polymer clay for Spring 2019.


  • Shamrock – A bit pasty, so there’s a fair bit of white in this color. Definitely not a kelly green. It reminds me of the green of Girl Scout uniforms and of the vintage Sinclair gas station dinosaur, if you remember that.
  • Cornflower – A very nice blurple. Definitely a blue with a lot of red in it, sort of like ultramarine with white, but even more purpley. Not a true blue. Has a lot of white in the color.
  • Grape – Very similar to Premo Purple Pearl in color, but without sparkle of course. This is not very grapey, it’s what would happen if “orchid” color (like the crayon) had the white removed.
  • Raspberry – Not really a raspberry color. This is close to fluorescent red. Not pink, not purple. Just kind of bright. I think this will find its place in color mixing. Not a natural color.
  • Mandarin – The camera cannot capture this color (and your monitor can’t display it) because it’s out of the range of RGB. It’s very close to fluorescent blaze orange, just like hunters wear. Also not a natural color.

I was curious how the new colors of Souffle fit in with the line, so I made a color chart of all the current and discontinued colors. If you’re new to Souffle and would like to learn more about it, read my introduction to Souffle here. Souffle has a unique working quality, so I explored that in this article, Working with Sculpey Souffle here.

Sculpey souffle color chart with the new polymer clay colors for 2019, including discontinued colors.
Sculpey Souffle Color Chart. I tried to match the colors as close as possible. The Mandarin is hard to capture, it’s really fluorescent and close to “Hunter Orange”. The nice hexagonal cutter I used was provided by Hobbyrian.

Discontinued Polymer Clay Colors

New colors mean that older colors have been discontinued. That always makes people sad because they rely on those colors for projects and have to come up with substitutes. I’m sad about a couple of them because they were just so easy. I like recommending the Rhino Grey for my Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial, but luckily scrap or “mud” clay will work just as well. Here are the colors that were eliminated this spring:

  • Sculpey III – Gentle Plum, Camouflage and Acid Yellow
  • Premo – Periwinkle, Rhino Grey and Jungle
  • Souffle – Lagoon, Mocha, Sage, So 80’s and Mai Tai

What’s the difference between Sculpey’s clay brands? Each of these polymer clay brands has a very different feel, strength, and color selection. Read my article on polymer clay brands to learn about each one.

Fimo by Staedtler

Because Staedtler is a German company, suppliers in the US don’t yet have their new 2019 line of Fimo products. I’ve heard some hints that there is an all-new extruder, some new liquid clay colors, and a few more accessories. But the big news is a brand new type of polymer clay called Fimo Leather. I ordered some from Europe and you can read my full review here. Many thanks to Karolina Soderberg of Hobbyrian for sharing this video and her observations.

Fimo Leather polymer clay package

It is very soft and supple out of the package and is easy to condition and shape. When rolled with a roller, it makes its own leather texture that remains after baking. It is difficult to slice and appears to have some sort of filler that gives it body.

After baking, the sheet is extremely flexible and can be cut with scissors like fabric. It can also be stitched in a sewing machine.

It comes in 12 colors, in 2 oz (57g) packages, and right now you can get it at Hobbyrian in Sweden, Happy Things in The Netherlands, and Clayaround in the UK. Both Hobbyrian and Happy Things will ship worldwide, while Clayaround ships to the EU.

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