Necklace Display Wall Hanging

Recently I took part in a casual, informal art show at our church. Most of the works were displayed on the walls. Since my pieces are jewelry, and quite small, I had trouble thinking of how to display them. A typical display bust would not work for displaying on the wall. I also wanted to display my work in such a way that it wouldn’t be lost in a show featuring many full-sized oil paintings.

I Asked for Advice

The first thing I did was ask the internet. Google is your friend, after all! I did find lots of display ideas and collected some of them in a Pinboard on Pinterest. There were some possible solutions, but most of them were table displays. One idea in particular, that of using clipboards, was intriguing but I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. So I asked the followers of my Facebook page. And it sparked a huge discussion. People really disliked the clipboards. And they gave many suggestions about what to try and where to look for ideas. It was really an excellent discussion for helping me fine tune what I wanted to do and what needed I needed to create for the purpose of this particular show.

What I Needed

Whatever I decided to make, it had to have these criteria:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy and quick to make
  • Materials on hand or available locally
  • Able to hang on the wall
  • Neutral enough to display my work without competing and yet
  • Decorative enough to be visually compelling

Time was running out and I needed to get something done. So off to the craft store I went. I wandered around a bit before deciding on this quite simple strategy.

Necklace display, rectangular, suitable for hanging on the wall.
Necklace display, suitable for hanging on the wall. This is featuring one of my Ink Blot Pendants.

Easy Necklace Display


  • Black foam core board (make sure the core is also black)
  • Decorative paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • T-pins (or other long pin such as U-pins or sewing pins)

How To Make

  1. Cut a piece of black foam core board to the desired size. For these I made the board 6″ x 9″ (16cm x 23cm).
  2. Cut a piece of decorative paper 5″ x 8″ (12.7cm x 22cm).
  3. Using spray adhesive, glue the paper to the foam core, centering it.
  4. Cut two scraps of foam core to be used to create a stand-off for the back. This allows the entire display to “float” off the wall when hung. And it gives you a place where you can attach your necklace to the back of the display. Glue these two scraps together and then glue them to the back center of the display board.
  5. (Optional) Glue your business card to the back. This give a bit of a polished appearance and helps identify your work if it ever becomes separated from the display information.
  6. Drape your necklace over the top of the board, decide on the best position.
  7. On the back, use two T-pins (or sewing pins) to secure your necklace to the foam block on the back of the board. Be careful that you don’t push through to the front of the board!
  8. Create a hanger by running a piece of string from one push pin over to the one on the other side.  (I didn’t do this, so it’s not illustrated in the photographs.)

An advantage of this concept is that you can use any decorative paper that matches your style or complements your work. The scrapbook section of the craft store has racks and racks of paper in every color and pattern.

This board is very light and would hold quite well on the wall with some Blu Tak or other adhesive. As it turned out for our show, though, my displays weren’t put on the wall after all. They were displayed on a table, using small easels to hold them up. This actually worked beautifully! I got lots of compliments on both the jewelry AND the display. And even though it wasn’t a sale, I did have someone contact me to purchase one of my Ink Blot Pendants.

Foam core necklace display, showing the back side.
The necklace is held in place by T-pins that are pushed sideways into the foam core block on the back. I also included my business card for identification purposes.
Foam core necklace display showing the stacked back.
Here you can see the stacked pieces of foam core that allow this display to stand off the wall. You can create a hanger by running string from one pin to the other.

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