More Rustic Components, Findings, and Beads

It’s been a productive week here at The Blue Bottle Tree. I’ve had great fun making Rustic Beads and Components. Some of them are connectors, or links, to be used in making necklaces. Others are smaller, and will be great used in earrings. I’ve also made a few headpins, too. I haven’t put holes in some of the newest ones yet. I’m not sure yet what they’ll be exactly. They’re all made from polymer clay and I’m still perfecting the surface treatment. Yes, I’m using paints, but also a few other tricks. I’m still experimenting with them, but ultimately I do want to make a tutorial explaining it all so that you don’t have to do the trial and error. And let me tell you, there has been error. I didn’t take pictures of the Ugly Pile. My husband Gary sort of laughed at some of them and said I should share them as they’re so…um…sad. Let’s just say that glitter wasn’t a good idea. But I’ve still got more ideas to try, too.

Anyway, here are some more pictures. Hopefully I’ll get this process nailed and get a tutorial out. (***Update*** The tutorial’s out now!!) But of course I have to do my taxes first. Yes, I put it off until the last minute. I KNOW!!! I want to be done by the weekend, though, because I want to go backpacking. But if they’re not done then I can’t go. So…no more babbling on here. I want to get busy with the most dreaded of business chores. The IRS website and I will be spending some quality time together this week. Wish me luck!

Earrings made with peachy colored Rustic Components.

Rustic Connectors in blue tones along with Rustic Headpins, ready to be used in jewelry creations.

Rustic bead made from polymer clay in spring colors.

Rustic Beads treated with a distressed antique treatment in yellow and turquoise.

Rustic sunflower earrings made with polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree

Rustic connector in a tribal pattern with green colors made from polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree

Rustic beads to be used as earrings shown with suggested beads of turquoise, purple, and light green, made from polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree.

Collection of Rustic Connectors made by The Blue Bottle Tree

7 thoughts on “More Rustic Components, Findings, and Beads”

  1. These are great! But, I’d love to see pictures of the “Ugly Pile”. We all have “ugly piles” and your experiences could help us avoid making the same mistakes.

    1. Okay. I’ll see if I can’t do that. It’s pretty ugly. But I’m always helped more by the “what not to do” type articles than the ones full of beautiful inspiration. I assure you, this pile is definitely what NOT to do.

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