Making Jewellery – Polymer Clay Issue

Making JewelleryThe cover of the special polymer clay issue of Making Jewellery Magazine. is a British magazine aimed at jewelry craftsmen and hobbyists and this month they’ve released a special issue that’s all about polymer clay. I’m thrilled to say that I was invited to write an article in the magazine and am also one of two people featured in the “Meet the Master” section. The issue is jammed full of great eye candy from makers and artists all over the world, plus several in-depth articles and tutorials by acclaimed artists you know and love. This is absolutely an issue to add to your library. Don’t even hesitate. You can get instantly available digital issues or order paper copies very reasonably here. If you make jewelry, you might even want to subscribe.

Meet the Maker, Ginger Davis Allman, in the polymer clay issue of Making Jewellery Magazine.

Baking Polymer Clay article in Making Jewellery magazine by Ginger Davis Allman.

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