Long Term vs Short Term projects

There is room for both long and short term projects in a creative person’s life. So many people use crafting to bring a small sliver of peace to a hurried life and so they make do with the time and energy they have to spare. However, I also see where that can lead to a pattern of superficial quick “decor” crafts and doesn’t allow us to fine tune and perfect the more complex skills. Also, there are parts of our psyche which only come out after long term, focused creative growth. We do ourselves a favor if we find a way for this to happen as well.

4 thoughts on “Long Term vs Short Term projects”

  1. I agree that stretching yourself with long-term projects is a great skill builder. Unfortunately my long-term projects tend to get put on the back-burner by custom orders, etc. I call some of the Zombie projects because they “die” and come back to life sometimes years later.

    1. It’s a good thing to be getting the custom orders…an income stream is always welcome! But yes, that would leave less time for the optional things. I like the term “Zombie Projects”. Mine don’t usually come back. They stay locked in coffins and every now and then I open the box and they stare at me, blinking widely, taunting me.

  2. I agree, both long term and short term projects do have their places. I tend to make complex pieces and my goal for the past few months has been to intentionally try to break down long term project into short term, single component mini tasks. I find it helpful to reduce the stress of feeling overwhelmed that working on complex project can bring me. When I finish the mini task I put all the tools and component parts away, out of sight, out of mind.

    1. I completely hear you about the stress of feeling overwhelmed with long term projects. But I think what affects me is that I just have so many other things that my mind needs to attend to that I can’t spare the brain cells. Your strategy of breaking it down is a good one.

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