Instagram Pics for March 2022

I like to show great examples of polymer clay art in my twice-monthly emails. Sign up here. I think it’s important for makers to be seen and recognized for their excellence. And I think that showing good polymer art raises the bar for everyone else, giving them an idea of what kinds of beautiful things are being made. These posts are public, but lately, Meta has been blocking the view to some users who don’t have an account. So I’ll start embedding the posts here on my website instead. Here are some lovely things that have caught my eye recently.

March 2022

Joan Tayler doesn’t like for things to go to waste. She found this stained yellow fabric and decided to modify it by adding embroidery stitching and some polymer clay. Something that was just waste/junk has been transformed by Joan’s creative eye and the work of her hands. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

Jasmine (@phillyjasmine) isn’t afraid to try new things. She’s always diving in to create a new look or interesting new projects. These woodland earrings are adorable. And check out the turntable she’s using to make it easier to work. Perfect solution for assembling many earrings at once.

Bobbi of @bobbymadethis is doing an intermittent series of uniquely shaped earrings for her 100 day project. Her whole feed is worth watching, though.

Woodsmoke and Willow captured my heart with this series of art and/or science-themed earrings. Yes, please!

Kathy Koontz of Flowertown Originals showed us her first try using this classic extruder-gane trick for making cool patterns with scrap clay. One huge advantage of this technique is that you don’t need to pre-mix the scraps. Just make sure they’re not TOO crumbly.

Kathy has several really great scrap clay technique on her Instagram feed, so head over there if you can to see more.

As it turns out, Shelley Atwood also had some scrap to use, so she posted this wonderful pair of earrings made with a technique in one of Kathy’s demo videos.

And then, of course, if you’re on Instagram, do you follow ME? It’s often the first place you’ll find new sneak peeks. You’re never gonna see me do a reel, but I do try to share good things in my stories most days. Follow me on Instgram!

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