I do love the sun on my face

Picture of cobalt blue bottles installed on a tree trunk.

I never tire of the light streaming through cobalt glass.

So many things are changing now. My children are growing up. Today was the first morning without my son in the house. What an odd feeling. I still have the sense of him being hidden in his room, but of course I know that he’s 5 miles away living his new life. When I went to make coffee I found that my daughter had already made some for herself. She left this morning for a 6am work shift and has apparently learned the pleasure (necessity?) of caffeine. My baby (now a tan and gangly girl of 13) staggered in to say hello to us and the cats, the bouncing little girl no longer being her major mode of operation. Nothing is as it was. But that’s okay.

I took my breakfast and calendar out to my backyard to sit in the sun and plan my day. Details, details, what to get done, what to put on the shopping list, must not forget this, no way can I get all this done and still do what I want to do. As always in the mornings, I hear the neighborhood going about its day. Dogs barking, car doors slamming, garbage trucks rumbling. And the sun. Oh I do love the sun on my face. The light was particularly nice on my bottle tree this morning so I thought I’d share it with you. I do love that color.

In between all the things I have to get done today (we are out of milk and fruit and the laundry is piling up…light bulbs, we need light bulbs), I want to work on getting settled in my new studio. And of course that means I will once again walk that tightrope of taking care of everything else and still managing to fit in the time to do what my soul needs.

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