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Make iridescent, shimmery effects in your polymer clay projects with the Holo Effect Tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree.The Holo Effect Tutorial was the very first one I wrote. I still love the Holo Effect itself (and use it often), but my tutorial writing skills have improved quite a lot since then. I guess it’s the perfectionist in me, but I just didn’t like having it for sale when I know that I can do better. It had typos. Some of the links didn’t work anymore. And it didn’t have my new interactive Table of Contents. So I fixed it. But I didn’t just fix the links. I rewrote the whole thing. I took out some stuff, changed to a new format, and added three new projects. So really…it’s about 2/3 completely new content. If you bought the Holo Effect Tutorial before December 6, 2016, make sure to get this updated version by logging into your account and getting a new download. Here’s how. Even if you bought a tutorial on Etsy or Payhip, you can now access it here on my website.

Previously only included as a holiday special bonus, I integrated the once-a-year Christmas ornament project into the Holo Effect Tutorial permanently. I even wrote an all-new project using cookie cutters to make really striking ornaments and gift tags. And there’s now a fun Holo Earrings project that is so popular with my daughter that she asks for a new pair to match new outfits. (Luckily, they’re easy to make!) I included these new projects and expanded the tutorial from 36 to nearly 60 pages (and from 75 to 131 photos). It’s a fantastic tutorial that I can now say I’m very proud of! Click through the gallery below to get an idea of all the neat things I’ve done (and that you can do) with the Holo Effect Tutorial.

If you’ve not yet bought the Holo Effect Tutorial, head over and check it out. It’s a really fun technique. But perhaps the neatest part is that you can use the basic concept in all kinds of other work. Beth Petricoin used it to make a fish and a lighted Christmas tree. Carrie Harvey used it to make a textured box. And Rebecca Roberts added really great steampunk elements to hers. The Holo Technique is what I always fall back on when I want to make a quick gift for someone. It’s easy, it gives striking results, and it’s very unique. I really do think you’ll enjoy working with this technique.

Learn About the Holo Tutorial

Do you already own the Holo Tutorial and want to get copy of this updated version? No problem, just go here to learn how to get it. All of my tutorials include free updates when I make version changes and fixes. It’s my pleasure to share the update with anyone who has previously purchased the Holo Effect Tutorial.

6 thoughts on “Holo Tutorial Updated”

  1. Viviane DEPASSE

    Hi Ginger, I just saw that if you purchased the original tutorial, you can get the upgrades.. I purchased it in 2013.. How can I get the upgrades please ?

  2. Thanks, Ginger! I just downloaded and printed the update, and it looks exciting. I really like the new projects; the cutter ornament sure opens up some new directions! And the earrings – more earrings! One can never have enough shiny light catching earrings! Yee hah!

  3. Thank you so much Ginger. I didn’t know that your updates were included in the original purchase of your tutorials. You are so giving of your knowledge that for someone like me who is a fairly new clayer you have become a key resource. I always read what you write no matter the topic because I always learn something. Thank you, thank you thank you!

  4. The Holo effect was one of the first tutorials I bought. I’ve made so many ornaments and pendants using the technique! The pendant get compliments every single time, from the most unlikely people! Can’t wait to check out the instructions for the earrings, my attempt to make those did not turn out great. I’ll be waiting for my update coupon 🙂

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