Holo Effect Polymer Clay Tutorial

There’s a bit of the magpie in each of us, I think. We love shiny, colorful, shimmery things. Inspired by the holographic images that I loved in the 80’s, I’ve created a polymer clay tutorial that shows you how to make colorful, shiny, fantastic things. The Holo Effect Tutorial will appeal to your inner child, your treasure collector, and the part of you that loves magic.

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Holo Effect Pendant using polymer clay

The Holo Effect is what I’m calling the shimmery, glowing, color shifting effect that I’ve featured in many of my polymer clay creations. It’s a bit like a faux dichroic glass, but very unlike the versions that you might have seen which use mica powders or metal leaf to create the effect. The Holo Effect changes color as you move the piece back and forth in the light. These pieces seem to glow from within and the effect is even more pronounced in low light.

Blue Flame Feather Holo Effect Pendant

What can you do with the Holo Effect? You can make jewelry that glows, focal beads that shine, pendants that stand out. You can use this technique for creating cabochons for beadwork or beadweaving. Because of the depth and dimension of the Holo Effect, you could make a deep-looking cover for an art journal. Or even a frosty white Christmas ornament with shiny blue Holo Effect insets.

Holo Earrings are an eye-catching way to use the Holo Effect on a small scale. So much fun.
These eye-catching Holo Earrings give a shimmering glow that always brings compliments.

You can make the Holo Effect in a mind-boggling array of colors. As you can see in the pictures here, you can make icy blue with purple undertones. Or bronze, orange and yellow. I’ve made delicate pink flower pendants, too.

The Holo Effect Tutorial explains the basic process of how to create the Holo Effect and then goes on to show you four more complete projects. You’ll learn how to make a Domed Pendant, a Framed Ornament, small Holo Earrings, and Cutter Ornaments that can be made in any shape.

Dramatic and unique pendant made with the Holo Effect fimo tutorial from polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree.

Collection of Valentine Holo Effect Hearts, made from polymer clay.
Learn to make these cool Holo Hearts with the Holo Effect Tutorial.

using shaped cutters, make holo cutter ornaments with the holo effect polymer clay tutorial.

Holo Ornaments made with the Holo Effect Tutorial.
Holo Ornaments look great on a tree and also work nicely to adorn packages as gift tags.

Polymer Clay amulet in blue and purple crackle featuring my Holo Effect technique.

What people are saying about the Holo Effect Tutorial:

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“Your tutorials are great! Written very clear and understandable, and with the pictures explaining every step, you can’t go wrong!”
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“Cool idea and I love the effect you’re getting. The tutorial is very well done and the pictures really catch the “Holo” effect.”
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“Excellent customer service. Instant electronic reception of tutorial. Excellent tutorial. Clear. Good results making the items.”
“Excellent Tutorial. I never worked with Polymer clay, but this tutorial will make it easy to learn, A+++++++++++++”

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8 thoughts on “Holo Effect Polymer Clay Tutorial”

    1. Yes, there is one unique material required. You can purchase it inexpensively in most craft stores or it can be purchased for $5 (shipping included) from my website. I do give sources for this material around the world, too.

  1. Hi Ginger,

    Lovely work here! I’m trying some experimenting with different frames for the halo pieces. Could you please share what technique was used for the the penultimate blue-green one? It seems to compliment the halo center nicely.

    1. Hi Krithika, that was a faux batik process. It’s actually a bit like a real batik. I used raw pearl colored clay, then drew a design on it with masking fluid. Then blotted on a variety of alcohol inks. Then peeled off the masking fluid, then used the clay sheet in the Holo method. It wasn’t very easy, I will admit that. That masking fluid was hard to draw with. Maybe someday I’ll develop that into a tutorial. It does look great with the Holo Effect, doesn’t it?

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