Great Polymer Clay Studios to Love

When working with polymer clay, it’s wonderful to have your own dedicated workspace. For many, it’s the corner of a bedroom or dining room. Others have dedicated rooms or even spaces outside the home. There are common features in all studios, such as storage, a work area, and meaningful decor. We can learn a lot by exploring the solutions that others have found for these common challenges. Here are some workspaces and polymer clay studios that fellow makers have shared on social media. Enjoy!

Unique Studio Setups

Heidi Helyard, @heidihelyard Heidi’s workspace surrounded by her favorite hanging embroidery creates a one-of-a-kind space. Heidi is in the midst of creating a brand new studio, so follow along on her Insta to see the progress.

Katie Oskin, @katersacres
Katie shows her studio space and shares her recent addition of a standing desk.

Ronit Golan, @ronitgolan.etsy
A nice and clean workspace is shown here after finishing up a few canes.

Sheree, @pollycollective. A very organized workspace with a hutch that her husband, Grant, made for her. For a before view, click HERE.

Jana Lehmann, @jana_feeliz
Jana shows her clean and tidy studio that leaves room to “breathe” and be creative.

Before and After Photos

Here are some great “before and afters” that will inspire those of us who are looking to clean up our studio (let’s face it, our workspaces can go from clean to chaotic faster than we’d like to admit), or for those looking to make a new workspace.

Nicole Morris, @studioramiii Nicole shows her amazing “before and after” of building her studio from scratch.
Jeanette Kandray, @jmkandray Here’s a great “before and after” studio desk cleanup!
Wendy Moore, @after_the_monsoon. Wendy shows her “before and after” studio clean up!

Clay Storage

Looking for a way to store your clay? Check out these great storage solutions from these makers.

Cathy, @catfutrell
Cathy showcases her handmade shelf to hold small blocks of clay.

Marion, @fancypuppet
Check out Marion’s extremely organized drawers of polymer clay.
Marion has a very clean and tidy studio that can also be viewed on her YouTube channel.

Lucy, @lucyclaytools shares Simone from @peachysundaze’s lovely studio space. Here is an example of a nice use of white space, and the cards of affirmation add to the spirit of the studio. Also a great storage solution for polymer clay.

Limited Space? No problem.

These makers created their work areas by carving out the space they needed in their homes.

Nara Bopp, @rumpusroommoab
Nara shows us how she utilizes her small workspace and how she uses it to her advantage.

Just Jude, @justjude_247
This dining room is multi-functioning during the pandemic, but Just Jude is making the most out of their small creative space.

Mateja makes use in a small corner of her spare bedroom to house her workspace and she loves it!

More Beautiful Workspaces to Admire

These studio spaces are sure to inspire.

Steven Ford and David Forlano, @fordforlano
Pictured is David in his Sante Fe Studio hard at work.

Esther Remiro, @ramiro_esther
Esther reveals their clean desk to capture the moment before projects begin again!

Shistine, @_shistine
Meet Shistine pictured in her studio, where each desk serves a different purpose.

Malina Cipleu, @malinacipleu
Malina’s studio showcases great natural lighting, and is shown clean and ready for her planned Holiday Open House.

Shirali Patel, @smallidea. Shirali’s “New Studio” displays clean lines showing fun pastel colors that are sure to cultivate creativity. Here’s another view of the fun pop of yellow brick on the wall behind their desk.

Kornelia, @jenellstudio
Looking for a well-organized studio? Look no further.

Shakira Bell, @shakira.bell_art
Shakira’s studio is shown after a good spring-cleaning.

Pinelopi, @lampyris_polymerclay_ideas
A view of @pi_lo_ne_pi_ma’s new studio space.

Leah Radlett, @Leah_Radlett. Here Leah shares her new workspace, finally moving from her kitchen to a dedicated work area. To see a more in-depth view of her space, and the projects she’s working on, click HERE.

Chifonie, @chifonie
Chifonie pictured enjoying the fresh air from her garden as she works in her studio.

Anita Long, @nee_nee_ree
Clean work surfaces can make all the difference in starting a new project. Here’s a great example.

Grace Simmons, @mabelgracecrafts. Grace shows her rearranged studio to accommodate her dog’s needs.

Ania, @lemonlovelybizu
Ania in her studio space, utilizing the popular IKEA pegboard and clip lighting.

Melissa Kovack, @ringofwire
New lighting in a workspace can make all the difference!

Ana Belchí, @anabelchi74
Ana’s use of white furniture in her large studio while using touches of color in her containers exemplifies simplicity and uniformity in her space.

Marko Lovrenski, @marko_lovrenski_art. Marko shows how he is using found and recycled old IKEA’s Moppe for his workstation.

Claudia Caramalho and Gleyce Cruz, @mana_mana_acessorios
Studio time is always better with a furry friend!

Dayl Goulsbra-Jones, @planet.isis
Here they show the process of cleaning up their workspace as a great way to invoke creativity.

Fiona Herbst, @fionaherbst1
Fiona shows her studio space in the midst of tidying up and multitasking.

Inma, @momentocomplemento
Inma is taking the opportunity to organize her workshop so that she is more comfortable with her next projects.

Keirsten Giles, @keirsten_giles Keirsten brought together all of her materials into one location for ease of access for her projects.

Angie Wiggins, @angie_wiggins
Angie shows her studio in a continued state of organization after going through and making order in her workspace.

My Studio

And of course, my studio has had some TLC recently, too, with a complete overhaul. You can see the before and after pictures here. Blue Bottle Insiders can enjoy an in-depth video tour and an explanation of the design and furniture choices that I used. If you’re doing a studio overhaul, you’ll want to become an Insider so you don’t miss the deeper dive!

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