Glow in the Dark Switch Plate

Glow in the Dark Switch plate sculpted with polymer clay.
Glow in the Dark flowers! So 70’s Retro! Cool!

Yesterday I made a polymer clay switch plate for our bedroom. Gary liked it. Lanie liked it. I didn’t like it. It was too saturated for the pale colors of the bedroom. So that switch plate now resides in Lanie’s room. (Not that she’s noticed it yet. Ha!)

Today I was feeling a bit tired of this whole Create Every Day stuff and wanted to just take a day off and to watch movies or something. But I never got that far. And it’s all my friend Ron’s fault! He made a comment on my Facebook Page about how I needed to make something that “glows in the dark of winter”. Now that sounded like a wonderful idea! It was just a suggestion on his part, but still, it was the spark (glow?) that I needed to get busy.

I’ve had this Glow in the Dark Sculpey III around forever. I never have used it up because I don’t like the colors. You can always tell when something is glow in the dark because of the particular colors of the material. So I used a tiny bit of alcohol ink to color the cream and the blue glow in the dark clays. It does inhibit the glow, but they do still glow to an extent.

And there we go. A glow in the dark switch plate made from polymer clay. Day 12 of Art Every Day Month. 18 more to go.

Polymer clay covered switch plate made with glow in the dark clay. Yes, you can make your own glow in the dark switch plate.
The clay glows brightly in the dark.

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15 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Switch Plate”

    1. Sculpey III glow in the dark clays don’t seem to glow for very long, sadly. It glows about five minutes really. For a longer glow, though, you can buy glow pigment (try Etsy and/or Ebay) and add that to translucent clay. I’d use Pardo for maximum clarity. Those pigments seem to glow longer if fully charged, especially with a UV light.

      1. Thanks for the tip Ginger on how long they glow will have to check it out as I am wanting this for the kids to make, I will see how it goes with it being sat out in the sunshine for a while 🙂

        I have my order arriving some time this week 🙂 well what’s left of the week.

  1. What a fun and practical creation! The flowers do look endearingly Retro (makes me think of think of a 60’s VW bus). How clever to add the alcohol ink to the GITD. KUDOS, you really nailed the look.

    1. Thanks, Anita. I put off buying alcohol inks because they seemed oh so trendy. But they’re indispensable in polymer clay work. So many uses.

  2. Oh – this is so fun! I love glow in the dark! Last year I found some glow in the dark spray for my angel ornaments. I don’t know if anyone noticed til they got them home but they definitely looked very cool on the tree. And I think you may have a trend here – being able to find the switch in a strange place would be awesome – market it to businesses!

    1. I certainly good make up a few of them and put them online to sell. I would think they’re generally available, though certainly not this decorated ;-). I do love glow in the dark things and that spray for your ornaments does sound very nice. I hadn’t thought of making ornaments glow. I might have to try that.

  3. I laughed a bit at your thought of just wanting to watch movies instead of creating. I’ve felt like that too. But then something always seems to show up. Although, I’m not really doing it every day. I’m taking weekends off and will be out of town over Thanksgiving. By the way, I’ve so been enjoying all your clay creations.

    1. Thank you Patty. You know, I guess because we’re always our own worst critic it just amazes me that others enjoy my work. Know what I mean? So it really feels good to hear it. Thank you! And I would like to take weekends off, but the rigid perfectionist in me wants to create a full set of 30 AEDM entries. How silly, really. I’m just putting pressure on myself. Oy!!

      1. I’ve solved the “watching movies vs making something” by having a tv in my clay room. Also with a DVD player. Solves the problem. Only choices remaining are what to watch and what to make!

    1. That was my husband’s thoughts too. He wants one for the front door and the hall now. I’m not so sure about flowers…I’ll have to dream up another design for that. I know it’s plenty bright when you first turn off the light but we’ll see tonight how long it lasts into the night.

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