Frost Flowers Pendant

Blue pendant with flowers made from polymer clay and featuring a holographic effect inset.
The flowers on this polymer clay pendant remind me of embroidery.

I was going for an icy winter pool with this pendant but the flowers decided to bloom all by themselves. Sometimes your creative self has a mind of its own.


5 thoughts on “Frost Flowers Pendant”

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  2. LOL Yes your creative mind does have a mind all of its own. Been there done that. It is very pretty I was examining how you made those little flowers`. Looks like you had to roll a whole lot of tiny balls. Dang it gal you are dragging me into clay. I might have to try just a little bit of it.

      1. Thank you Ginger. Yes it was a great day. I got lots done besides cooking. Even two loads of laundry dried on the line. EEEEEKING out the last of the line drying season. We scarfed on the half of turkey, we have the store cut them in half for us so we do not have to eat them for two weeks) and pies and all the fixings. Was a gorgeous sunny day. Full tummies & heart burn. Could not have asked for a nicer day. Hope your day went well too.

        Don’t you think just a tiny bit of clay would be enough just to try it?? Snicker. I quit my job last week so I really can not get into another craft.

        1. I would think that quitting your job is a great time to get into a new hobby. *grin* Yes, we had a great time here as well. Good weather, great family, and excellent food. A fantastic combination all around.

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