Bearing Gifts From Polymer to Art

I was so excited when I got the mail yesterday. There was a big box jammed into my mailbox, which is always fun, but I wasn’t expecting any packages. Ooh, a mystery! On the back was a label that it came from The Netherlands. Hmm…what could it be? As it turns out, the wonderful Marjon Donker and Saskia Veltenaar, publishers of the magazine “From Polymer to Art” sent me a care package of goodies. I danced around and squealed like a little girl. Let me tell you why.

****NOTE**** Unfortunately, From Polymer to Art has ceased publication. You can purchase back-issues of the magazine at Happy Things in the Netherlands.

A few months ago, Marjon and Saskia asked me to write an article to be translated for a special Dutch-only version of their magazine that would be aimed specifically at polymer clay beginners. (From Polymer to Art is normally published in English.) Happy to help them with the project, I sent the article and some photos. (That same article is available on my website here, btw.) So the package contained my contributor’s copy of the magazine. Yay! It’s gorgeous, and it’s even covered with polka-dots!

From Polymer to Art is a Dutch polymer clay magazine.

Inside it’s even better. There is page after page of top quality tutorials and demonstrations by world-renowned polymer clay artists such as Lillian de Vries, Bettina Welker, and Fabiola Perez Ajates. From Polymer to Art is always a top-notch magazine, but this issue is really something special. Even if you don’t read Dutch, you will still learn tons from these fabulous artists. I got all proud inside seeing my little article in with all that talent! You can order print or digital copies of all issues here.

Polymeer Klei Tips & Trucs, my article in the special Dutch language version of From Polymer to Art Magazine.

But that’s not all! Also included in the package was some wonderful loot (that’s a fancy name for promotional stuff). I was awfully glad to get Staedtler‘s catalog and a few brochures. I am often in the dark when trying to understand the product lines of companies, so getting this info was invaluable. But the coolest part was FIMO tools and a sample package of the new FIMO Professional True Colors!! I had seen the Fimo tools in person when visiting Clayaround in the UK earlier this year, and I wanted some for my own. So this was really cool. But ever since I saw how Marie Segal and Ponsawan Sila were making beautiful things with the new Fimo Professional, I wanted to get my hands on some of this clay. So yes, the squealing and happy dancing went on for several minutes until I got hold of myself. 🙂

Fimo Tools for polymer clay by Staedtler. Fimo Professional true colors multi-pack of polymer clay by Staedtler.

I’m very eager to play with the Fimo Professional clay and will be happy to do a review with it so that I can report to you and share how it differs from the other clays we’re used to using. There will certainly be an article posted here. Stay tuned, as they say! But I can’t do that just quite yet, I have a few other things in the works first. Right now I’m playing with PVClay. (Intrigued? No worries. More info soon!)

Thank you so much to Marjon and Saskia for their generosity in publishing my article and sharing the great FIMO loot! I’m forever grateful!

13 thoughts on “Bearing Gifts From Polymer to Art”

  1. Hi, I´m trying to follow the link, but it takes me nowhere. Will you please write the new link to from polymer to art? Or isn´t it being published any more? Thank you

  2. Thanks for letting us in on you excitement, I can fully relate. I too appreciate all your information that you share, so I can understand their generosity to you. A thankyou sometimes just doesn’t seem to be justice for the hours people like yourself give willing to people like ourselves.
    Thanks Jenny

  3. Hi Ginger, I have only recently (3 months) been working with polymer clay and as a beginner I love getting helpful advise on clay and how to use it! I love buying my next bits of clay and tools so I can imagine your excitement to receive the famous “From Polymer To Art” mag. and to have your article published in it! I really appreciate your tutorials and advice. It’s hard to know where and how to start in this field. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next email with all your newsy bits! Many thanks for sharing, and
    have a lovely Christmas! Regard Di H. Melbourne, Australia

    1. Thank you Di. It is hard to know where to start, but the best thing is there’s really no wrong way to do it. There are no polymer police. If it works, do it! Happy Holidays and Christmas to you too!

  4. Thanks for your article in the Dutch FPTA!! Of course I already knew your valuable hints and tips, hope they serve a (new) Dutch audience as well!

  5. Ginger I am so excited for you and can’t wait for your assessment of the New Fimo Professional, because if Ginger says it so……then it’s so! Blessings to you and family this holiday season.

    1. Aw thanks Dixie Ann. I don’t know about that, though. I’m always amazed at how I will be just so darned sure of something and then find out…gee…I am wrong. But I do try to be objective. Blessings to your family as well. It’s a wonderful time of year for blessings.

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