Flickr has a new look – And you need a new cover image!

Create a Flickr cover image with a filmstrip template, perfect for displaying your artwork.Flickr has an entirely new look and part of that is a new cover image and increased icon size. Until you upload a new cover image, Flickr has gifted you with a default random picture that’s pretty enough but has nothing to do with you. Here’s your chance to shine. You can make a cover picture that reflects your personality, your art, or even your family. At first glance this seems straightforward. But now that I’ve played around a bit I realize that the size of the cover image changes depending on what monitor or device you’re using. What looks fantastic on a tablet looks like total crap on my big desktop monitor. What to do?

Luckily, The Barefoot Businessman has created a template that shows you the sizes you need and tells you how to modify your banner or cover picture into a size that works. He even created a filmstrip overlay in case you want to be all artsy and include a whole series of your images, taking advantage of the long skinny screen space.

Flickr Cover Image Template by The Barefoot Businessman

Here’s the article that explains it all. He provides a .psd Photoshop file, a .jpg and a .png overlay and some basic instructions on how to use them.  Once you upload the new picture to Flickr you can change your cover photo. Save it and then refresh the page. Once you do that, your new cover image will be “saved” inside of Flickr’s machinery and you can then delete the picture in your photostream. No need to have it clutter things up.


(And full disclosure here…The Barefoot Businessman is none other than my beloved husband Gary. And the dopey woman making googly eyes at him is ME. Oh the things we do for love.)

12 thoughts on “Flickr has a new look – And you need a new cover image!”

  1. How do I view private photos that can only be viewed by family members? This new feature messed up everything.. I couldn’t find out how to do it.

    1. Hi Joaquin, I’m not sure what you’re asking. And I’m not a Flickr expert at all. But I think you’re asking how to change the privacy level of your own photographs? You used to be able to that on each photo’s page. But with the new Flickr, the only place I can find to do it is in Organizr. If you want to view someone else’s private photos, that is, of course, not possible. I hope I answered your question.

  2. I think it is horrible. I have requested and received my pro account refund and cancellation. All the things I loved about Flickr are gone. They ruined the site. I am actively looking for another way to upload my photos.

    1. Yeah, I’m not so keen on it. But there aren’t a whole lot of other sites which do the same thing. Picasa is good. I know Gary was recently on the search for good ones for a client and there aren’t as many as you’d think. But he’s going to have to change his recommendation. Flickr had previously won out, but now with their new pricing structure it’s not the best for his client. Change can be good, but sometimes change ruins things completely. I like things about the new Flickr but there are some usability issues that are pretty close to being showstoppers for me. We’ll see. I hope you find something that works for you.

      1. LOL… Yes change can be good, but it seems Flickr keeping changing things every few months – That is what I hate! Now they are back to a wide format for photos, which I like…… But before it was more of a square format, so I cropped to get the most of the format.

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