Featured Artist at Kater’s Acres

What an honor! Today I’m the featured artist over on Kater’s Acres, so if you’re coming from Katie’s site, WELCOME! If this is your first visit, or if you’re new around here, let me show you around a bit.

Like Katie, I also work with polymer clay and I love to explore new techniques, new materials, and find out better ways make polymer clay work for us. I’ve written a number of information articles, product reviews, shared many tips, and even written some polymer clay tutorials. You can read more about those by clicking on the “Learn More” button over there to the right.

I want to thank Katie Oskin of Kater’s Acres for allowing me to be the featured artist on her site today. If you haven’t been over to Katie’s site, then make sure you go visit. Don’t miss her review of my Holo Effect Tutorial here. But Katie writes tutorials of her own! She has tons of great tips and polymer clay tutorials for making all sorts of little animals and cute sculptures. Her signature characters are Parker and Lolly, who have lots of adventures and can be purchased in storybook scenes in her Etsy shop. Katie shares what she’s working on in her studio each week, so you get to work along with her as she learns new things. And don’t miss her subscription tutorials, Parker’s Clayful Tutorials. Get new tutorials each month along with the support to keep you on track.

Make sure you subscribe to my site, too. That way you don’t have to remember to come back or try to bookmark it. You’ll just get one little email when I post something new. That will remind you to come back for a visit.

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3 thoughts on “Featured Artist at Kater’s Acres”

  1. Congrats on the feature. I just discovered Kater’s Acres (and subscribed) earlier this week. From something on your Pinterest board, I think. Or maybe because she pinned something from you. Synchronicity!

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