Faux Challenge in Polymer Clay

I really enjoy participating in Facebook groups because you just never know what’s going to come up. I love interacting with like-minded people and I love the inspiration. From time to time these groups host challenges and blog hops where participants create a piece of work based on a specific theme. I joined one called the Faux Challenge in a group called Polymer Clay Collective and today is the reveal date for the challenge.  The rules are very simple. Make something out of polymer clay using a faux technique. Any faux technique. And then post the pictures on the reveal day. Okay, I’m in!

Because polymer clay is a very good imitative medium, there are so many possibilities for good faux techniques. There is faux stone, faux gemstones, faux ceramic, faux glass, faux metal, and so on. The challenge here seemed to be more one of picking a faux technique! But I wanted to make something with my faux Roman glass technique that I developed recently. Authentic Roman glass is glass from Roman times that’s been buried for millenia and made crusty and iridescent by the minerals in the earth. Roman glass is wonderful in rustic jewelry, which I have been more and more interested in lately.

Double wrap bracelet made with faux Roman Glass and faux Biwa pearls with polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree.

I made a double wrap bracelet with faux Roman glass, faux Biwa stick pearls, and a shimmery polymer clay flower for the clasp. I made the faux Roman glass using the techniques in my Faux Glass Effects Tutorial. The flower for the clasp was made using a Patchy mold.

Polymer clay was used to make the faux Roman glass and Biwa pearls in the double wrap bracelet by The Blue Bottle Tree.

The faux Roman glass is really quite translucent. Almost transparent. And it works perfectly with this fairly rustic style bracelet. I made this bracelet with 20 gauge copper wire that I treated with a darkening patina. And see my little hammered hook for the clasp? That was my first one ever! I even have the smashed finger to show for it. (I am such a beginner at wire work!)

I wanted to show the light coming through the faux Roman glass so you could see how clear it is. So it took me a bit, but I rigged up something to allow light to come from below. I really need to spend some time on my photo setup to make it easier for cool photo effects. You’d laugh if you saw how ridiculous my setup is. But hey, it works.

Translucent polymer clay is used to make faux Roman Glass by The Blue Bottle Tree.

If you’re on Facebook and work with polymer clay, come on over and join Polymer Clay Collective. It’s a closed group, so you have to join to see the posts. But it stays on topic and there are some great people there. It’s run by Jeannie K Dukic of Jewelry by Jeannie. Come on over!

29 thoughts on “Faux Challenge in Polymer Clay”

  1. I love the sea glass it is the only one I have made, but I will try them all, your instructions are very easy to follow. Thank you for the extra little hints they really help me. I have ordered the Pinata Ink to make more colors. love the bracelet.. Keep up the tutorials.

    1. Thank you so much, Rosy! It’s comments like yours that make it all worthwhile. I’m so happy that you love the tutorial and are having good results from it. I do have several more tutorials planned, it’s just a matter of finding the time to get it all done!

  2. Ginger, this is exquisite! I can’t stop looking at it. Do you make the stick pearls too! I can’t tell if they’re faux or real. The flower clasp is perfect and the color of it is so unexpected with the translucence of the Faux Roman glass. This is kick-ass.

    1. Yes, I made the stick pearls too. And the pearl disks that were closer to the flower. You put into words exactly what I liked about this. It wasn’t just the colors, it was the contrast in translucence. Thank you!

  3. ladyflowersbysusan

    Just beautiful, Ginger. I thought of your wonderful tutorial when I had an old medicine bottle in my hand. It had that iridescent patina all over it from having been buried. Everyone should buy your tutorial.

    1. Ooh, yes, that old glass is wonderful. And I agree that everyone should buy my tutorial! Gosh…wouldn’t that be nice? NYT best seller list and all that? LOL…in my dreams. But it would be cool.

  4. Beautiful piece, Ginger! I especially love the Roman glass chips. Have you seen/heard of “recycled glass?” Your technique would work for that, I bet. Semi-transparent, matte surface, irregular shapes, any color. I would buy your Tutorial in a minute but am currently financially insolvent.
    Also like your website and musings…

    1. Hi Chris, the Faux Glass Effects Tutorial actually does have a section on faux sea glass, which is very similar. I hope all is going okay with you…haven’t seen much from you lately.

  5. This morning I had your beach glass picture on the computer and my guy came by (as he often does) and said, “What’s that? It looks like glass!” Good job!!

    1. Mine does that too. I’m always showing him things that you guys make and he’s becoming quite the little jewelry and craft expert. But I love that yours thought this was glass. Awesome!

  6. krnjns0@gmail.com

    Your bracelet is absolutely fabulous! I am also anxiously awaiting January so I can dive into your tutorial and make some faux glass!

    1. What a nice thing to say! Just keep making things. Good ones, bad ones, mediocre ones, and each time you learn something. I learn something with every project I make.

  7. Your bracelet is gorgeous. That Roman glass looks really neat, I may have to get that Tut yet too when I get back to playing again. I too have all those fall craft shows. I have all the supplies and have been adding. LOL

  8. Pretty bracelet Ginger! I love how the the faux Roman glass is so translucent. The whole combination of your beads woks so well in this bracelet. Bravo for making your own hook for the clasp! It came out well.
    I, like Tammie, am planning to dive into some polymer exploration in the new year. Can’t wait!

  9. I’m amazed by what can be achieved with faux techniques and polymer clay. Awesome work, especially the glass. And keep practicing your wirework. Clasps are only the beginning. 🙂

    1. I know! I’ve always avoided wire and metal work for some reason, but I’m getting the itch to try it out. I foresee many more smashed fingers in the future, LOL.

  10. Beautiful piece Ginger! This challenge had your name written all over it. With the chaos of craft show season and the holidays fast approaching, I have given up any hopes of making/practicing your tutorial for now. But I have promised myself, that after the first of the year, I am diving back into polymer ~head first. I think you have made a wonderful work of art here, I would wear that in a heartbeat! 😀 Warm Regards, Tammie

    1. I do love my faux, don’t I? I know you’ve been busy and I hope it’s going well for you. I really enjoy keeping up with your adventures on your website.

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