Looking for Facebook Group Moderators!

Are you an experienced polymer clayer who enjoys helping others? Do you feel strongly that the world can be a better place when we work toward ambitious goals and pursue excellence? Are you a fan of The Blue Bottle Tree and familiar with my articles and tutorials? Then you might enjoy being a volunteer moderator in my Facebook groups. 

My moderator teams work to keep each of my Facbook groups running along smoothly by ensuring group members comply with rules and are connected with the accurate help they need to find answers that further their growth. The tasks include:

  • Approve or decline member applications, screen for scammers
  • Delete posts that violate the group rules
  • Close threads that are no longer productive or that have “gone off the rails”
  • Comment with helpful links that point readers to good information
  • Gently correct misinformation
  • Support and encourage group members in their growth
  • Support group culture that makes group content useful for all members
  • Message me as necessary and consult with me when things need my assistance
Thankfully, group conflict is rare. But sometimes a moderator needs to close a thread or remove an outraged group member (hey, it happens), so you’ll need to be comfortable with being the bad guy sometimes.
Commitment is purely voluntary as you have time. It usually doesn’t require more than a few minutes each day to clear the member requests and quickly scan through the new posts and comments. By sharing group tasks with several other moderators, you’ll be easing the load for everyone. You will also be helping to free me up to do my other work.
If this sounds fun (yes!) please fill out the form below. Slots are limited, so responding sooner is better. Thank you!il
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