Earrings made with translucent polymer clay tinted with alcohol inks

As I’m sure most readers have already seen by now, my recent article was featured in Polymer Clay Daily. That was a most unexpected honor and I am pleased and thrilled that Cynthia Tinapple found my words valuable enough to share with the polymer clay world. She said some pretty nice things about my website, too, and that made me particularly proud.

The article must have really struck a chord with people as I’ve had many, many new followers here on the website and on my Facebook page. Thank you ALL for your visits, comments, emails, shares, and all-around encouragement. I’ve worked through all the comments and I think I’m up to date with them. My apologies if I missed anyone. I also plan to visit all your websites but I’m sure you’ll understand that it will take me a bit to get that done! Oh my!!

You know the old thing about how when it rains it pours? Well this past week has been like that. It’s all good, don’t worry. But still. There were several once-a-year events that all happened this week, leaving little time for much else (church stuff, Valentines, my seasonal job). Plus I was part of a group who curated a “Creatives Show” last week which opened on Saturday. Getting my entries ready for that and helping to organize the event made my head spin.  And I still need to create my Bead Soup for the Bead Soup Blog Party. I now have my partner (Hi Arlene Dean!) and just need to get that finalized and mailed out. Is your head spinning reading all that? Mine sure is! That’s a lot going on and I was already feeling stressed and frazzled before the response to my article happened. So…I’ve sort of been in a whirlwind and my kids are rolling their eyes in the way only teens can do. Thank goodness my husband has the patience of a saint.

Artistic earrings made with dangling blue squares made from translucent polymer clay tinted with alcohol inks.

Things have finally calmed down enough around here that I had time to go play in the studio. I was really missing my little space. As much as I am okay with admin tasks and internet work, there’s nothing better than when I shut the door, turn on my music, and let my creativity flow. I’ve been obsessed with Translucent Pardo Professional Art Clay for a while now and I keep working with ways to show off both the translucent character and the layering of colors.

Dangling cascade earrings made with translucent Pardo Professional Art Clay.

I’ve found that I can tint Pardo Translucent with alcohol inks without introducing any more plaques than uncolored Pardo Trans has. I spread the alcohol inks over the surface of the conditioned clay and let it dry thoroughly. Then I mix thoroughly with the pasta machine and roll out to #8 on my Atlas. That’s pretty thin. I use a cutter to cut the shapes that I want and I bake it, covered, at 300°F (150°C) for 45 minutes. Because I’ve had so many questions about using alcohol inks to color or tint translucent polymer clay, I wrote a post about it. There’s lots more information there.

I made these earrings because I wanted to see light coming through the squares and I especially wanted the colors to layer upon one another to create new colors. I’m very pleased with how these earrings turned out. They’re not just sapphire, stream, meadow, and purple twilight. They’re also teal, kelly green, forest, blue violet, and cobalt. I like that.

Blue tone squares cascade earrings made from Pardo translucent polymer clay and alcohol inks.



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