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A few weeks ago I signed up to be part of an earring swap. Unlike Bead Soup Blog Party, the idea of this swap was to find out your swap partner’s likes and then make a pair of earrings for them. Since I love making earrings and I love wearing earrings even more than making them, I was pretty excited about this.

My swap partner turned out to be the beautiful and talented Silvia Sernicola who lives in Milan, Italy. A look through her blog, Pipa-the-Latest and her Etsy shop, Sobby, showed me that she’s got excellent taste and far more patience than I do. Silvia makes wonderfully complex beaded jewelry, mostly made with tiny little seed beads. I mean like 15°s!! (Those are tiny!) The star of the show, though are her unique and stunning pop tab earrings.

Silvia and I got to know one another and I swear she must be the most together person I know because she knew exactly what she wanted to make me and had my earrings in the mail right away. FOUR days later I received the package all the way from Italy! That must be some sort of record. Well, let me tell you…she did good. She had me figured out to a tee. She picked my favorite color and these earrings are just so incredibly perfect for me. I even wore them to my daughter’s high school graduation. Seriously, Silvia couldn’t have picked a better design for me. I truly love them!!

Pop tab earrings made for me by Silvia Sernicola from the Etsy shop, Sobby.
Silvia made these lovely blue earrings for me. I love the sparkly blue color and the way they dangle and move.

Silvia said that she wears a lot of gray and black, and I can tell that she has somewhat of a funky, fun edge to her classic style. So I made some of my Rustic Beads in a tribal motif accented with gray and black. I was running late, though, and had no faith that the postal service going to her was going to be as fast as it was coming to me. Here’s a confession for you. I was in such a hurry to send the package out that I forgot to take a picture. So this picture is of a similar pair that I made so you could see what I sent! (The good thing is that now I have a pair just like hers!)

Silvia's black and grey Rustic Earrings

Interestingly, both Silvia and I have tutorials available that explain how to make the earrings we sent in the swap. You can purchase instructions for making Silvia’s Can Tab earrings in her Sobby Etsy Shop. And you can learn how to make my tribal themed beads from the instructions in my Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial.

You can see the other participants in the Earring swap here. I think everyone must be busy as a lot of people are in the same boats as Silvia and I were…packages have not been received yet. So some of the blogs haven’t yet posted their reveal.

If you have a chance, sign up for a swap. It’s fun meeting someone new and it’s a great way to learn about another person’s work and their style. I’m really glad I got to meet Silvia!

24 thoughts on “Earring Swap Fun”

  1. Silvia’s earrings are so particular and great, but I’m really curious to see what have you sent to her!!! Will come back later … (I’m also one of the participants waiting for their package to arrive)

    1. Yeah, the postal service has been a bit troublesome for this group, but it will all work out well in the end. I hope you get your earrings soon!

  2. What a great pair of earrings. I love that she used pop tabs as the basis. Her beadwork is awesome. Hope she gets her earrings from you soon so we can see them. I too don’t have my earrings yet from my partner, but I have seen a picture of them on her blog. What a fun hop.

    1. This has been a fun hop. I’ve seen so many cool designs and picked up some fantastic inspiration for my own work in the future. People have such great minds!

    1. Thank you Shelley! Sorry, you’ll have to wait to see! I do feel bad, though, I wish the mail had been faster. I’ll definitely post when Silvia gets them.

  3. I so agree with you.. I love doing swaps…. I have met some wonderful people. I love the earrings that Silvia made.. Very creative. I can not wait to see what you sent her. Will check back.

    1. I got myself a bit stressed out with Bead Soup, but I enjoyed the more limited scale of this swap so much that I might have to go ahead and try another one. I think meeting the people and seeing their work is the best part. There is so much creativity out there! Please do check back….

  4. Thank you for the sweet compliments dear Ginger, it was surely MY pleasure to get to know you!
    You’re an amazing artist and hope to receive your earrings soon! I’m glad mine arrived so quickly

    1. Well, I love the earrings you made SO much that I’m actually planning a summer sundress to wear with them. They’re fresh and fun. Thank you!

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