Dark green and brown earrings

Triangular polymer clay earrings in green and brown tones with gold coins at the top.

Creativity is a funny thing. It doesn’t behave predictably. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and I get just so far and then my brain just freezes. I’ll be looking at this lump of clay and will have no idea where I need to go next. I’ll make a great color and then be unable to create a shape to show it off. Or I’ll know what effect I want to get and be completely uninspired about how to get from point A to B.

Other times you just sit down to play and then something happens. Now I’m not terribly fond of the shape of these earrings…they should have been wide side up. But I do love the surface treatment. I’ve been playing with alcohol inks a lot lately and wanted to play with colors that are dark and dreary instead of the usual bright primaries. So I laid out a sheet of clay and began to play with color. Soon I had a mottled muddy mess of green and brown and a smidge of amber. Just the way I wanted.

But it just stared at me. And I didn’t like how dark it was. So I took a Q-tip and started to scrub at it. That I liked. But it wasn’t enough so I used my fingernail. I liked that more. So I scratched at it until it was “done”.

I was in a hurry to get done and go spend the evening with my husband, so I just cut out some earrings real quick and baked them. Which is why I didn’t like the shape. I should have given it some thought. But that’s how I learn. I can always make them again, wide side up.

7 thoughts on “Dark green and brown earrings”

  1. O M G … I LOVE these earrings! LOL Even the shape of them … are they listed?? They don’t look “drak and dreary” but rather “cool and sophisticated” in my view. :o) Let me know if you decide to list them (I just checked your Etsy shop but didn’t see them).

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