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Hi! If you’re here, you’ve most likely run into a problem. I’ll do my best to help. Please read the relevant section here first, then if you’re still struggling, you can use the contact form below to get more specific help.

To get you to the right place, however, choose the type of help you need:

1. Before Purchase (Ordering and Pre-Ordering)

2. After Purchase (Receiving Your Tutorial)

3. Questions About Polymer

How to Order

You can purchase my polymer clay tutorials by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. When you’ve added all the tutorials you wish to purchase, go to the Checkout.

Orders are accepted from all countries. If you’re struggling to enter your address, make sure that you’ve selected your country from the drop-down under your name. (Many people skip this part!)

You can choose to pay with a credit card (the payment processor is Stripe). Prices are shown in US Dollars.

***Please make sure your email address is correct! If it’s entered incorrectly, you won’t get emails with download links, you can’t reset your password, and I can’t contact you!

When You Pay with Credit Card

If you choose Credit Card (Stripe is just the name of the processing company), you’ll next see this screen that summarizes your order. Review the information and click “Place Order”. You can also choose to have the credit card information saved by Stripe so that you can effortlessly make orders in the future. (I do not have access to or store this information.)

After you click or tap “Place Order”, the screen will show a pop-up overlay giving you a place to enter your credit card number, expiration date, and the 3-digit number on the back of your card. Place the order, and you’re done!


After Your Purchase

Immediately after purchase, you will be directed to a Success page which will display the products that you have access to.  You will also be sent an email with your receipt. If you were not logged in during the purchase, you’ll also receive an email with your new account information. Please make note of the password so that you can log in and access your account in the future. If you don’t see these emails within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If you’ve found the emails in your spam folder, MOVE THEM TO THE INBOX so that you can access the links. If you didn’t receive an email, your ISP is filtering it. The emails are always sent automatically.


All tutorials that I sell are delivered as digital courses or PDF downloads from a course framework. They are not physical books. Digital files are not emailed as most email systems block such files nowadays. You need to log in and take the courses online.

Accessing Your Tutorial Directly

You can also access your classes anytime from your account. Just go to My Account, log in, and look for the tab that says “My Tutorials/Classes”. Tap there and you’ll see your tutorials listed. Just click/tap on the picture to enter the tutorial. If you don’t see your purchased tutorials there, please ensure that you are logged into the correct account and haven’t accidentally created a new one. Make sure that the email you used to log in is the same one you used when you purchased the tutorial!

After you access your class and download your tutorial or eBook, make sure you save the file in a known place on your computer or device so you can find it again. You can always log in and download a new one if necessary, however.

Is Your Tutorial Missing?

If you log in and don’t see your tutorial, it was most likely purchased with a different account. Log out and log back in with a different email address that you might have used. Often your Facebook or Google email address was used, so try those.

About Your Tutorial

My tutorials are delivered through a course framework. If the information is available as a PDF, there will be a download button in the first “topic” of the course. (Not all of the courses have a corresponding PDF component. Please read the course listing before purchase.)

Most of my tutorials include a table of contents with links to the various sections. They have detailed instructions and contain many tips and tricks throughout. There is also a resources section with suggested suppliers around the world. Please check several sources to get the best price for your region.

I do not offer refunds on my tutorials. If you have a problem, let me know right away and we’ll work something out.

If your tutorial seems to be corrupted and cannot be opened, close and re-open your browser. If you’re having trouble with a PDF, download a second copy from another device. That usually fixes the problem.

Polymer Clay Questions

Purchase of my tutorials comes with full customer service. I want you to enjoy playing with clay, so feel free to contact me using the email in your tutorial or post your question in the Discussion section of the course itself.

If you have not yet purchased one of my tutorials and have a question about polymer clay, please go to this questions page to see all the ways that I can help you find the answer to your question.

Sales Assistance

Please reserve use of this form for sales and pre-sales assistance. This is NOT the place to ask general polymer clay questions. Thanks!

My Mailing address is:
Ginger Davis Allman
Davis-Allman, LLC
610-A E. Battlefield #102
Springfield, MO 65807

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