Polymer Clay Crackle Compendium

This exploration course will open up a new world of surface techniques and effects

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What People are Saying about the Crackle Course

Janet Bouey
Janet Bouey
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At a first look through, I am very impressed with the depth of information in this tutorial. As someone who has already explored crackle a fair amount I was pleased to see there are many new to me ideas. I’m looking forward to settling in and exploring this tutorial in the near future.
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Another brilliant tutorial, clear explanations of varying techniques, ideas to use as jumping off points, pros and cons of various products and plenty of photos! There is just so much to explore!
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Here is absolutely everything you need to know about crackle effects with polymer clay. Clearly written, easy to understand and loads of photos; it may be a while before I do anything else but explore crackling.
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If you’ve read Ginger’s articles in the past, then you can begin to imagine how in-depth and professional her tutorials are. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced polymer clayer, this tutorial is easy to understand and follow and will be a must-have staple in your polymer clay experience. Guaranteed to make you want to hurry up and crackle some clay!

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Polymer Clay Crackle Compendium

Online course
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  • Instant access
  • Online course or optional PDF version
  • Includes resources list and sources
  • Crackle Gallery
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