Christmas cards with your art?

Christmas cards with your art? Instead of getting cards with your dog, get them with your own artwork!

We’ve all received Christmas cards featuring the senders’ family. And while they can often be very witty and cute, they seldom feature that particular family’s individuality and show what makes them interesting. They don’t tell much of a story.

Have you ever thought about sending Christmas cards with your art? For those of us who do paper arts and scrapbooking this isn’t much of a stretch. But if your artwork doesn’t resemble either Christmas or a card, how can you possibly feature it in your Christmas card?

My friend Deborah sent out cards featuring her own artwork. She’s a therapist who uses art in her work and her personal medium of choice is collage. I was so pleased to receive her card this year! What a wonderful surprise to open the envelope and see this bright picture. At first look it’s a bouquet but a closer look gives a glimpse into her unique personality. It’s a happy card that makes me think of her and her collages and her bright positive attitude. It’s inspirational.

It might be too late for this year, but maybe you can send out truly personal Christmas cards next year? Be on the lookout for your works in the upcoming year which can be used as a feature in your annual cards. I think people would rather see examples of your art than yet another glitter filled Santa scene.

Have you ever sent out cards with your own artwork? I’d love to see pictures if you have!

5 thoughts on “Christmas cards with your art?”

  1. At first it was kind of hard for them to quit because it was so ingrained into them they HAD to give gifts. Finally I got it through their heads it is not the gifts that are important. It was being with them. Having a great day,visit,meal,memories. At one point I actually had to get angry about it for them to see my point and I even missed several family gatherings.

    We live in a smallish house and I really do not want anything in here I did not choose to bring in here. and before we got here we moved often. I already have enough crap to move around. LOL

    One GOOD way to stop the insanity of gifting is to explain to friends your true feelings about gifts and if they felt they just could not stop gifting to you to please make that gift to either their charity of choice or give them one of your choice. Be vocal about it. Too much hype has been made about buying for others. I always felt it is best to give to others through out the year as needed verses buying a gift you feel obligated to buy. Honestly we do not do birthdays or any gifting on any holidays. If I say to my husband I really would like this or that he will buy it for me if within reason and same for me to him as a surprise out of the blue. It does not have to be Christmas or Birthday.

    It has been about 15 years or so since I quit gifting and it really has made our holidays so much nicer. We still see our friends at holiday times and it is relaxed. Honestly there is nothing worse than the feeling you HAVE to keep some thing because some one gave it to you and you just hate it.

    Another way to back away from it was to just give food gifts. Some times that is a little more acceptable then nothing at all. I did that for awhile. I have also quit doing that.Although I bake for friends on occasion just out of the blue. Here try this or that.

    Maybe a very special occasion to do with the kids verses buying a gift for each one. A day they will remember forever with lots of pictures laughter fun and not the gift that gets used up by the following year or sooner.

    Good luck.

  2. Wonderful card. That is a keeper for sure.

    When I still did Christmas I always made all my gifts and people that did not get gifts got home made cards. I usually did a cross stitch or crochet ornament or?? as the card with the usual Christmas letter only a fun one not about family but funny happenings through out the year. I would decorate that with fancy stamping and coloring.

    We do not do anything for Christmas any more. So happy about this. No more stress. A phone call to friends and family. I just can not get into it. Not grinchy about it. I just backed away from all of it.

    Any pictures are not digital. I might be able to fine some thing to scan that would have been a card.


    1. It’s so funny you should say this about Christmas. Today Gary and I were in WalMart picking up things for the kids and he was standing there looking pensive and sort of lost. It took some prodding but what he finally said was, “It just all seems so pointless. Everyone spending money on crap just because they’re fulfilling an obligation. How can we just quit. I mean I don’t hate Christmas. I just hate the gift stuff.” And I agree. Why can’t it all be like Thanksgiving but with prettier decorations? I think we need to have some conversations with family this year. I want time each year to focus on what really matters. Not stuff. Not stress. I really like your idea. Have you had much flack from family about it?

  3. Wow – that’s a beautiful card Ginger! I’m just putting the finishing touches to our Christmas cards for this year – not as colourful as this one – I designed and painted a Christmas Angel using new skills I’ve gained this year! (I’ll be blogging about it later in the week)

    1. Oh good, I can’t wait to read about it. I’m soooo far behind in blog reading. But I’ll get there. I hope to someday have more time to do more Christmas creating.

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