You can make Holo Effect Cutter Ornaments in polymer clay with the Holo Effect Tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree.

Holo Tutorial Updated

The Holo Effect Tutorial has been completely overhauled to a new format and I’ve included three new projects. Make Christmas ornaments, gift tags, earrings, or even journal covers. Learn how to get your copy here…

We visited the UK recently, and here are some selected photos that we took.

Visiting the UK

Vacation pictures! Here’s what we did during our recent visit to the UK. There was sightseeing, a steampunk wedding, family, hiking, and gorgeous scenery. Read more…

Cheryl Coville made these polymer clay beads using the Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial by The Blue Bottle Tree

Cheryl Coville

Cheryl Coville blogs and works with her alter ego “Grandma Coco”. You really need to check out the lovely whimsical drawings the two of them create at The Kingdom of …

Cheryl Coville Read More »

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