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Bottle Trees

Place right in front of my art studio, The Blue Bottle Tree, this metal sculpture was made by my dad, Jim Davis.

New Bottle Tree Sculpture

I’ve been asked, “Do you really have a bottle tree?” Yes, I do. In my back yard I have two of them. …

Picture of cobalt blue bottle tree representing peace and hope in my life.

Blue Bottle Tree

Years ago, when I was a little girl, my grandmother had a cobalt blue vase that held magic. I would lie on …

Picture of cobalt blue bottles installed on a tree trunk.

I do love the sun on my face

I never tire of the light streaming through cobalt glass. So many things are changing now. My children are growing up. Today …

Art sculpture cobalt blue bottle tree ornament decoration in backyard.

The Blue Bottle Tree

In mere weeks my oldest child leaves home. For many years I have both dreamed about and feared this time. I’m not …