Can You Host an Open Studio Session?

Insiders Members love to work with polymer clay, and we also love to chat. So many of you wanted a dedicated place to hang out, so I created a 24/7 Insiders Workroom on Zoom. The room is always open, but was hard to use because we never know if/when another person was going to be there. So, I’ve built a new feature to make it easier for us to meet up.

How to Volunteer

Here’s a link to a calendar where you can choose a time (24/7) that you will commit to being in the Insiders Workroom. The calendar works in 2 hour chunks. Choose one and an event will be automatically created in the Open Studio Schedule. This way, Insiders Members can RSVP just like a regular community event and get reminders to join.

What Does This Entail?

Just be there. The idea is that you’ll do your thing, and anyone who joins in will do their thing. You can chat, or not, whatever works! It’s nice to say hi and “visit” a bit, but there’s no need to be as focused as when you’re in a Drop-In or other meeting. Unless you want to!

Not ready to host, but still want to join in? Go here to see the existing Open Studio slots that volunteers have chosen. Have fun!

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