Where to buy Pardo Translucent Art Clay?

Package of translucent Pardo Professional Art ClayFew polymer clay products have created the buzz that Translucent Pardo Art Clay has. It is the clearest brand of polymer clay and it has a reputation for being hard to find. Is that true? Where do you buy Pardo Translucent Art Clay?

Why Buy Pardo Translucent?

Translucent Pardo Art Clay, made by the German company Viva Decor, has a lot of fans because you can get tremendously clear results with it.  Back in February 2013, I tested all major brands of translucent polymer clay and found that Pardo Trans can be the clearest and most transparent. It’s so clear you can read through thin sheets of it. But that also means that you can use light as part of your art effect. You also color it, making brilliant, clear results. No other clay can give you the clear, glass-like effect.

Faux Sea Glass made with Pardo Translucent Art clay. See The Blue Bottle Tree for the tutorial and color recipes.

Where to Buy Pardo Translucent Art Clay?

One of the importers for Viva Decor, who supplies the stores and mail order companies here in the US, went out of business in early 2014. Unfortunately, two online shops gave the impression that the Pardo Translucent company is no longer in business. Nothing could be further from the truth!  There is, in fact, an importer in the US and supplies of Pardo Translucent Art Clay are sufficient when you go to the right shop. And I’m gonna tell you where to go! Sadly, people still think it’s hard to find. It’s not!

In the US, Poly Clay Play has Pardo Translucent on their website. And Creative Journey Studios also currently has stock and is ready to ship them out. Their web store isn’t up and running yet, but give them a call and you can have your Pardo Translucent in mere days.

Mail Order

There are several excellent suppliers around the world. Here are some that I’m aware of.






Blue tone squares cascade earrings made from Pardo translucent polymer clay and alcohol inks.

What can you make with Translucent Pardo Art Clay?

Anything you make with regular polymer clay, you can make with Pardo Trans. But since it’s so much more transparent you can really get a great effect with light and color. You can learn more about Translucent Polymer clay in this FAQ. I wrote a huge tutorial explaining how to use Pardo Trans to make Faux Sea Glass, Faux Roman Glass, and Faux Czech Glass beads.  You won’t believe how much like glass this stuff can look. Check out the pretty Pardo pictures and read about the Faux Glass Effects Tutorial here. You can read more on this page about the tutorials I offer.

Want even more inspiration? Here is a Pardo Trans Pinterest board with a dazzling array of projects that people have made with Pardo Translucent Art Clay. That board is just Pardo. For even more translucent polymer clay ideas, enjoy this Translucent Polymer Clay pinboard.

Translucent polymer clay is used to make faux Roman Glass by The Blue Bottle Tree.
This wrap bracelet was made with faux Roman glass that was created from Pardo translucent polymer clay. Learn to make faux Roman glass with my Faux Glass Effects Tutorial.

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