Polymer Clay Beads

Starting February 22, 2023, I’m doing The 100 Day Project once again. It’s an incredibly fruitful and fulfilling project that I have complete twice before. You can read about my 100 Days of Polymer Clay Vessels here.

For 2023, I’m doing 100 Days of Beads. Each day I will make at least one bead. Some days I’ll be traveling and won’t have an oven, so I might use other materials. I’ll be posting them daily to Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve already received many questions about how I made the beads. Did you know that I have FOUR tutorials for sale that show how to make polymer clay beads? Here’s more information!

Faux Glass Beads

The Faux Glass Effects Tutorial is really four tutorials in one. It shows how to make for different types of faux glass effects, two of which are beads! In the Faux Glass Effects Tutorial, you will learn how to make Faux Czech Glass beads and Faux Carnival Glass beads. The tutorial includes information about the clay to use, how to shape the beads, how to pierce the holes, and how to create a glossy finish. Here are some examples of Faux Czech Glass and Faux Carnival Glass beads:

Rustic Beads

The Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial shows how to make textured, distressed, aged beads that look like they’re from another time. The tutorial shows how to shape, color, and finish these beads and includes instructions for embedding the wire to allow these beads to be used as connectors and charms. You can use any brand of clay to make these beads and it’s a great project for using up “ugly” clay. Very beginner friendly tutorial!

Organic Beads

The Organic Beads Tutorial shows how to use found organic textures to shape and make one-of-a-kind beads that are unlike anything you can purchase. Nobody else will have the same beads because these are truly created from nature. The tutorial shows how to make the textures, create the beads, and color them in a unique way that is very different from the way you may have learned from other tutorials. Finishing and piercing details are included. This tutorial is designed to perfectly compliment the Rustic Beads Tutorial in that you can use the shaping techniques here with the coloring process of the Rustic Beads tutorial, and vice versa!

Faux Lampwork Beads

Using techniques reminiscent of classic lampworked glass processes, the Faux Lampwork Beads Tutorial will show you how to make large focal beads that look just like glass. The tutorial will guide you through choosing a clay brand, mixing colors, shaping your beads, and choosing a method for coating your beads to create a glass-like shine.

Upcoming Tutorials

One of the reasons I’m doing this 100 Days of Beads project is so that I can develop and produce more beadmaking tutorials. More tutorials are on the way! The best way to stay informed about release dates for these tutorials is to sign up for my informative weekly emails here.

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