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Ginger Davis Allman

Excellent polymer clay! Cernit Metallic Review.

Cernit Metallic Review

You might have seen this luscious video by Ana Belchí showing off an exquisite new line of clay by Cernit. Brilliantly colored, …

Using resin with polymer clay.

Using Resin with Polymer Clay

Learn about using resin with polymer clay. Learn the difference between UV resin and epoxy resin and end the confusion over using these great materials.

What is polymer clay? Learn about this versatile medium at The Blue Bottle Tree.

What is Polymer Clay?

What is polymer clay? It’s a vinyl modeling putty that stays soft indefinitely and then is cured in a home oven. It can be painted, sanded, carved, and polished after curing. Read more…

Get Started with Polymer Clay

Are you ready to get started with polymer clay but don’t yet know how? Learn what kind of clay to use, what tools you’ll need, and where to go for help. Read more…

Polymer Week Magazine, a publication by Lucy Tool Company out of the Czech Republic.

Polymer Week Magazine Giveaway

UPDATE: The giveaway has finished. Thank you so much for entering! Polymer Week Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by the Lucy …

Controlling the Three O’s

It started to get worse last year just before the US election, and it’s been building up to a feverish pitch as …