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Are you listening to the Lolas of the world? 

Today as I write this, it's one of those rare, glorious, mid-winter days where the air is warm, the sun is shining, and the breeze is soft on your skin. Our cats live indoors for safety reasons, but once in a while we let the two 15-year-old Maine Coons outside, carefully supervised, for some joyful sniffing and exploring. Today they wandered around our fenced yard, imagining bugs and feeling the wind fluff their fur. Ah, bliss! They were in kitty-cat ecstasy. Meet Blue Kitty and Sprinkles.

Blue Kitty in the garden.
Sprinkles the Coon in the garden.

But in the yard next door, Lola (a five-year-old Finnish Lapphund), was in alert mode. Lola has a lot of opinions, and she never ceases to express them. Loudly. I don't speak dog, but I'm sure it had something to do with "go away" and "cats" and "pay attention to this highly irregular activity". Lola was convinced that it was important to alert everyone to the presence of cats. Lola thought that someone should DO something about the cats. Here's Lola telling us all about it!

Lola the dog has lots of loud opinions.

So...what did Sprinkles and Blue Kitty think about Lola's proclamations and announcements? Nothing. Were they scared of her noise? Nope. They didn't even look at her. They just kept doing what kitties do. There was a yard to explore and they weren't going to let some noisy dog distract them from their mission. There was sniffing to be done, and they were fascinated with last summer's vegetable garden.

Blue Kitty and Sprinkles in the garden.

As I watched the cats, it occurred to me that the world is full of Lolas. There is always someone out there telling us what we're supposed to be doing, what to be afraid of, what to make, what not to make, how we should spend our time, or even how to be. Always sounding the alarm or making a fuss to get attention, the Lolas of the world make a lot of noise. Their job is to attract attention, and attract it they do!

But life is smoother if you take the cats' approach. Don't let someone else's noisy agenda be your guiding star. Make what YOU want, not what others tell you to make. Create YOUR way, not according to the "rules". Decide for yourself how to spend your time. There is tremendous satisfaction in following your heart's desire, and you'll never enjoy those pleasures if you let Lola tell you what to do and how to feel about it. 

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