A Tribute in Blue

I am a huge fan of constrained projects where you give yourself a set of rules and then create within those rules. I’m currently doing that for my Polymer Clay Vessel Project and I’ve done it many times for various projects over my creative career. The limitations end up stretching and paradoxically enhancing your creativity. This is why artistic collaborations are often so incredibly fruitful.

I had a wonderful surprise recently. My friend, fellow polymer artist Valérie Ronvel-Blaya (who creates and blogs under the name Veesuel) presented the world with a series of 14 pairs of earrings that she made with two constraints. One, she used my earring shape templates and two, she made each pair of earrings with the color blue. She called her collection Tribute in Blue.

Each earring pair was made using my shape templates, but the rest of the originality is all Valérie. And let me tell you, they’re original. And incredibly inspired. Please head over to Valérie’s blog and read the full article. Not only can you see all 14 pairs of earrings in multiple views, but you can also read her commentary. It’s in French, but if you’ll use a translator, you will be able to read them all.

PolyStudio in France

I was lucky to meet Valérie in person last year during Polymer Week in the Czech Republic. Not only is she a delightful person and a talented artist, but she’s also an excellent teacher, too. In addition, Valérie operates the polymer clay supply shop PolyStudio in France. So if you’re in France (or the EU in general), make sure to visit PolyStudio online when you’re shopping for new supplies.

Polymer Clay Earring Templates

If you’d like to learn more about making earrings of your own, check out my tutorial Contemporary Polymer Clay Earrings and Shape Templates. You’ll learn how to make neat, durable, professional-looking earrings in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

Join the earring craze!

Discover how to make earrings, work with templates, and embed posts in a way that’s neat and professional. Raise the bar on your work!

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  1. I love the tribute to blue. i also like the interesting designs; they are an inspiration to me.

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