A metalwork artist indeed

A few days ago I talked about my father’s discovery of his artistic and creative talents. Here is a gallery of some of his recent metalwork sculptures. As you can probably tell, I’m terribly proud of him. Enjoy!


Read about my dad’s latest sculpture. He made me a very unique Blue Bottle Tree.

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11 thoughts on “A metalwork artist indeed”

  1. Good morning Ginger

    I have just come upon your post of your father’s brilliant metal sculptures. They are simply stunning, particularly the rooster and your mother’s sleigh.

    Fabulous to have such a talent and the philosophy to enable that talent to blossom. He’s an inspiration!

    Nonie Connor

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    1. Thank you, I will be sure to tell him what you said! As for the apple…I hope that proves to be true. I would love to be half as talented as he is!

  3. That’s the one with the vining lilies and the wooden cross, right? I thought that one was particularly nice. You certainly are lucky to have his work. We do have a coat rack and some lantern holders. But we keep talking about having him make a really big blue bottle tree for me. Thanks for the comment. Come back anytime!

  4. David and Taia Frohman

    We were thrilled to be the recipient of a beautiful cross with lilies on it. The detail is beautiful and hangs lovingly on our living room wall. One of the most talented artists I have seen working in metal. We are truly blessed to know him and have a piece of his work in our home.

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