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Learn about using alcohol inks with polymer clay.

Using Alcohol Inks with Polymer Clay

Are you curious about using alcohol inks with polymer clay? Learn what they are, how they’re used, and how to use them with Fimo, Premo, Kato, and Sculpey.

"The Center of the Universe" Ink Blot Pendant by The Blue Bottle Tree

Ink Blot Technique

I love it when inspiration strikes. I have had a lot of fun creating a new line of Ink Blot Pendants. You …

Learn to make lightweight, durable beads and pendants with the Faux Lampwork Polymer Clay Tutorial.

Faux Lampwork Polymer Clay Tutorial

Use polymer clay to create lightweight and durable pendants and beads that resemble glass lampwork. This 70 page downloadable tutorial contains 143 photographs to guide and inspire you as you make faux lampwork creations from polymer clay. This tutorial is complete enough for beginners and fun enough for experts in polymer clay. There's even a bonus project showing how to use cane slices to make glass-effect headpins and charms.

This isn't just a list of steps. I give you tons of extras that will answer your questions before you even know to ask them! The clear photographs show every detail, clarifying possible confusion points and showing exactly what to do each step of the way.

There's an extensive resources section with links to suppliers around the world for the materials and tools I use in this tutorial. Don't worry, though, no special materials or equipment are required. You'll likely have everything on hand to get started, and my suggested materials for optimal results are easily purchased from suppliers I've sourced for you.

Helmar Crystal Kote is an excellent spray varnish for polymer clay. The matte version is invisible.

Helmar Spray Varnish for Polymer Clay

Have you been searching for a spray varnish for polymer clay? Most will remain sticky, but here’s one that gives a perfectly invisible matte finish.

ImPRESSive Putty is a reusable mold material that's excellent for use with polymer clay.

ImPRESSive Putty – A Review

ImPRESSive Putty is a reusable mold making putty that’s perfect for making push molds and texture sheets. It’s great with polymer clay, crafts, and DIY fun

Oyumaru, a reusable molding material is perfect for use with polymer clay and resin.

Oyumaru, a Reusable Molding Material

Oyumaru thermoplastic from Japan that melts in hot water and can make reusable molds or small charms. It makes good texture stamps for polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Essentials, Information for All Clayers is a must-have eBook from Ginger of The Blue Bottle Tree.

Polymer Clay Essentials – Information for All Clayers

Have you ever had polymer clay questions and found that getting answers was like grabbing for straws in the dark? There is so much misinformation out there! I've long considered it my job to clear away the myths and help people learn how to use the incredible medium that is polymer clay. No more mysteries here! There are lots of tutorials that tell you how to make things. This is not a book of techniques. This is a book of WHY. This book is the closest thing there is to a polymer clay textbook or reference manual.
This book is aimed at ALL clayers – from advanced beginners to experts. Everyone will learn new things in this eBook! Sculptors, jewelry artists, fairy makers, caners, pen makers, and anyone working with polymer clay will find this book to be indispensable. At nearly 100 pages, it's packed with information. Even my non-claying editorial team found this to be a fascinating read. Stop wondering about the “rules” of how polymer clay works as a material. Find out in this Polymer Clay Essentials eBook.

Test tiles were made from five brands of clay to use as the base for testing polymer clay sealers.

Testing Polymer Clay Sealers

Polymer clay sealers can be sticky, peel off, and turn cloudy. Are you using the best products on your polymer clay projects? Compare over 40 varnishes. Read more….

Getting Updated Tutorials

Purchase of my polymer clay tutorials always includes free updates for all future changes, fixes, and even for major overhauls. I see …