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Learn about using alcohol inks with polymer clay.

Using Alcohol Inks with Polymer Clay

Are you curious about using alcohol inks with polymer clay? Learn what they are, how they’re used, and how to use them with Fimo, Premo, Kato, and Sculpey.

"The Center of the Universe" Ink Blot Pendant by The Blue Bottle Tree

Ink Blot Technique

I love it when inspiration strikes. I have had a lot of fun creating a new line of Ink Blot Pendants. You …

Sanding Offer

Get the Sanding and Buffing eBookfor a special price​In the polymer clay world, we always joke that nobody actually LIKES to sand …

Special Offer – Rustic Beads Tutorial

Special Price on the Rustic Beads and Components Tutorial For a limited time, take 25% off the price of the Rustic Beads Tutorial. I …

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Sorry, the offer you’re looking for is no longer available… Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately, that special offer is no longer available. …

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Polymer Clay Essentials, Information for All Clayers is a must-have eBook from Ginger of The Blue Bottle Tree.

Polymer Clay Essentials – Information for All Clayers

There is a gap in information between package labels and the thousands of project tutorials that we read as we teach ourselves how to work with polymer clay. Where do we learn about the material itself? What is polymer clay made of? How long do you have to condition it (and why)? Why does clay get hard?
I wrote this eBook to address these questions and so much more. Let me be clear. This is not a book of techniques. I won’t tell you how to make things. This is a book of WHY. This book is the closest thing there is to a polymer clay textbook.
This book is aimed at ALL clayers – from advanced beginners to experts. Even seasoned experts will learn new things that will help you understand the medium of  polymer clay. I believe that information is power and understanding how this material works will free you up to make whatever your heart desires, with less worry.
Sculptors, jewelry artists, fairy makers, caners, pen makers, and anyone working with this material will find this book to be indispensable. At nearly 100 pages, it’s packed with information. Even my non-claying editorial team found this to be a fascinating read. Stop wondering about the “rules” of how polymer clay works as a material. Find out in this Polymer Clay Essentials eBook.
The chapters in this book are:

  • Chemistry of Polymer Clay
  • Choosing a Clay Brand
  • Liquid Polymer Clay
  • Storing Polymer Clay
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Conditioning
  • Baking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Durability
  • Cleaning Up

If you’ve been a fan for a long time, you may recognize a few pages, but it’s all been updated and clarified for this eBook. Now everything you need is all in one place.

Test tiles were made from five brands of clay to use as the base for testing polymer clay sealers.

Testing Polymer Clay Sealers

Polymer clay sealers can be sticky, peel off, and turn cloudy. Are you using the best products on your polymer clay projects? Compare over 40 varnishes. Read more….

You can make Holo Effect Cutter Ornaments in polymer clay with the Holo Effect Tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree.

Holo Tutorial Updated

The Holo Effect Tutorial has been completely overhauled to a new format and I’ve included three new projects. Make Christmas ornaments, gift tags, earrings, or even journal covers. Learn how to get your copy here…

Getting Updated Tutorials

Purchase of my polymer clay tutorials always includes free updates for all future changes, fixes, and even for major overhauls. I see …

Use polymer clay to make rocks for your space scenes, dioramas, fairy houses and garden art. Includes free glow-in-the dark planetary earrings project.

Space Rocks Tutorial

This Space Rocks Tutorial is a simple project that is perfect for beginners. You'll learn several types of rock matrix and shaping processes that were designed to simulate moon rocks. You can even make cosmic glowing space rocks! Use the basic processes shown in this tutorial (with colors of your choice) to make rocks and pebbles for your fairy houses, dioramas, outdoor gardens, and potted plants.
Originally published in Christi Friesen's Creative Neighborhood as the October 2016 guest project, this project is now available for clayers everywhere to purchase.
Even though this tutorial is small, at only 20 pages, it still includes a table of contents, a resources section, and is professionally formatted with 38 photos that show you every step of how to make space rocks and planetary earrings. As with all my tutorials, you'll learn more than just the steps, I also explain why we do certain things and give tips along the way to help you learn how to play with clay better.
BONUS! As a bonus, in addition to the space rocks, this tutorial shows how to make cool glow-in-the-dark planetary earrings. It's a perfect project for making out-of-this-world jewelry. (Oh come on, I had to say it!)
This tutorial is part of my project series of tutorials.