6th Do Over Challenge

Today is the reveal and blog hop for the 6th Do Over Challenge. Organized by Jeannie K Dukic, the idea of this challenge is that each participant is sent an “old, tired, boring” piece of jewelry that Jeannie made in her early years and then we Do It Over. We have to use at least 50% of the original piece and then create something new and exciting.

This is my second time doing one of Jeannie’s Do Over Challenges. I enjoyed the last one so much that I had the date for this one marked on my calendar for months!

Here’s what I received from Jeannie. It’s a bi-level necklace made from smoky topaz and various glass beads. The necklace actually had a choker level and also a longer, lariat length section attached. It also came with matching earrings.

Original jewelry by Jeannie K Dukic that I was challenged to "Do Over" and make something new in the 6th Do Over Challenge.

Not bad, certainly, but the bi-level thing was not going to work for my body shape. So I knew that had to change. And I wanted to put some color in there. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if I said that I wanted blue. At first I thought about using a cobalt blue dichroic glass focal bead and cobalt blue accents. But the blue was just too strong and gave a very stark contrast. I poked around in my beads for a while and finally found this old polymer clay swirly lentil bead focal. This thing is old. I mean OLD. Like from 2003. But it was just the right kind of blue. And I had some interesting round blue beads with an AB finish that just sort of tied it all together. I’m really quite pleased with how this came out. Here you go!

My contribution to the 6th Do Over Challenge using Jeannie K Dukic's beads combined with my own. Necklace and earrings for the 6th Do Over Challenge.

Jewelry design continues to be my weakest area. I don’t have a lot of experience in it and I tend to make things quite symmetrical and matchy matchy. Unfortunately this was no exception. But I think in this case, it worked. But I will continue to take part in these types of challenges because they allow me to use my brain in a new way and stretch my skills a bit more. Want to see more Do Overs? Well you’re in luck. This challenge is also a blog hop and the rest of the blogs are listed below. Go visit each one and see what piece they got from Jeannie, and even more interestingly, see what they made with it.

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Linda Britt
Miranda Ackerley
Mischelle Andrade
Tracy Stillman
Charlene Bausinger
Deana Hager

Do you think that you might want to join for the 7th Do Over Challenge? Signs up are March 4, 2014 and the blog hop will be on April 19th, 2014. I’ve already put the date in my calendar because I want to do this again. It’s fun!

Join the 7th Do Over Challenge by Jeannie K Dukic

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